Well , where do I begin . . . . . .? It all started when I became a born-again Christian , I started noticing strange things happening to me as well as around me. First instance was when I was home sleeping and I heard my dresser drawer open and then close hard. Then I had a flashlight tossed on my lap as i was getting up to see what the noise was in the living room . Our cat had it's fur standing up & was very stiff looking(scared). I then saw a shadow on the wall as it suddenly appeared in front on me. It was a half-man half-bull coming right towards me . When it was walking towards me , it had very heavy steps(stomping) & dragged its feet .From top of head to the waist was a man,from the waist down was shape of a bull. This demon was very strong & muscular looking . As I ran after this demonic entity it ran into the kitchen and scrunched down in the corner of the kitchen near the stove. I open the door and commanded it to leave now in Jesus name. The demon left, but returned again stronger and more vengeful . About a week went by , then it started to get a little challenging. I fell into a deep sleep and I was attacked once more. This time , The demon placed a pillow over my face and tried to smothered me to death. I was caught off guard and started to pray in my head. I got a brief second, and took full advantage of it . I commanded the demon in Jesus name to leave me & my family alone. It left once more. Things started to calm down a bit after that. Then we moved into an apartment building. Note that I was a babe in Christ when these attacks were going on. After studying & seeking the Lord,with all the experiences I've had I started to get a better knowledge of what was happening & how and what to do . I have had several other attacks after that ,but had much stronger hold on it. I new how to get rid of it fast and in a hurry. My wife started working at a local personal care home and she had some strange things start happening there. She called me at home and asked me if I would come down there to check the place out. So ,I anxiously went to check this place out. Upon  my arrival , I noticed a few things & could feel the presence of demonic activity. As an ordained minister I prayed for the residents in the home. Then things stated to turn up a notch so to speak. The demon spirit of death was attacking the residents left & right there. The workers also started to have server mood swings. Some had noticed that their personality has changed every time they entered the home. Some of the workers saw apparitions ,hear voices,saw things move.Also a residents daughter smelled the scent of woman's perfume ,as the demon passed by her in the hallway. Note the perfume was a type that Avon use to make over twenty plus years ago,which has been discontinued for many years. This particular residents mother was now getting attacked. So , the residents daughter asked my wife what she should do. Then She introduced me to her one evening ,while I was there praying for the residents. Then I suggested that I anoint and prayed for her mother. As time went by others were still getting attacked ,due to their ignorance of deliverance & demons.One evening it happened , the resident was attacked hard ,it put her in a coma like trance.The daughter & I prayed and anointed her mother there. That night I went home ,but told the daughter to keep praying over her mother and playing hymns all night. That morning Our prayers were answered ,her mother was delivered from the oppression that had came upon her. She had slime start coming out of her eyes,then she started talking normal (being herself) again. Later that evening one of the other resident down the hall started to act wild and talk out of her head. Then a bat flew out from that residents room .Things really got kinda crazy then. I was trying to catch the bat ,but I noticed it kept flying into that one residents room back and forth. Every time it would fly in there it would land on her face making a smacking sound. When it flew out of the room I was finally able to catch it. I had oil on my hands from anointing & praying for several residents there. As I grabbed the bat to toss it outside ,it changed into a tarantula and fell to the floor. Amazed by the transformation that had took place before my eyes, I started praying and grabbed it again ,as I did it changed back into a bat and flew out the door when I opened it. Several other things happen later on there. Once we saw orbs in many of the residents rooms as well as several other places throughout the home. Once we were cleaning and my wife & I heard a bell ring. Then we heard a tricycle bell being rung as it was going pass us in the hallway. As it passed it knocked down a broom that was leaning against the wall in the hallway. We also heard footsteps running down the steps and then. . . . . a loud bang against the wall we were sitting against. One of the demons followed one of the residents daughter home and started doing strange things in her house also. I put flour across the doorway in the kitchen area in the home late one evening. Due to no surprise I got a print of a foot. But it was no ordinary foot print. There was one on top on a counter were I placed flour also. There was alot of things going on at many locations of the home at once. I started from the bottom floor and started anointing the rooms one by one as I went in praying. As I started taking authority in Jesus name over these demons , you could here & feel things leave after we entered the rooms one by one. Things got quiet after that for a period of time. Then things started to stir up a bit again due to several employees there ,who soon quit at a later time. Many new spiritual doors were open by those ex-employees ,due to their ignorance of demonic influences . So, needless to say the demonic entities returned once again. The home started to close down to to poor regulations administered by the owner. So many of the residents left and the rest were moved down stairs(bottom floor). I went again through the home once more casting demons out of the rooms. It calmed down much after that,but the rest of the residents evenly left the home leaving it unoccupied with human host to be invaded with demonic manifestations. After all residents had left my wife and I along with the administrator cleaned (physical not spiritual) the home up ,and locked the doors until the new own with his adventures lie awaiting for him to experience. If I had enough time to finish this deliverance this place could've been free of demonic activity.   :(

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